Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is nice to always set a housekeeping routine. But, some of us are actually doing it the wrong way which causes more harm than any good. House Cleaning in Los Angeles provided us with some house cleaning mistakes so we can avoid them! 


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Scrubbing spills 


It is inevitable to spill a glass of wine or juice on your beautiful carpet. But some common mistakes we do is we immediately scrub them. Don’t! Scrubbing carpets will untangle the fibers causing the stain to spread more. This can cause permanent damage.


The best way to do it is to remove the liquid using a spoon. Then, pat the area using a white paper towel or a cloth that will not bleed. Once dry, apply a stain remover to the affected area.


If you made this mistake, it is not too late for you to avoid committing it again! You may also get help from professional house cleaners to clean and remove the stains on your old rugs and carpets.


Cleaning windows in the daytime


The heat of the sun will cause the cleaning solution to dry swiftly and it will leave streaks on the glass. The best way to work on your glass window is when it is cloudy or in the late afternoon.


They say the best cleaning solution is organic. Well, that is partly true. But mixing lemon juice and vinegar will not be a good cleaning agent for your windows. They are both acids so they can do permanent damage to natural surfaces. Be careful applying it to your furniture. If you are unsure about the cleaning solution and you want to do it the right way, you may hire services from a professional maid. They surely know how and what cleaning solution to use.

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Using coffee grounds for garbage disposal


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Of course, you would want to fumigate garbage disposal because leftover food causes the bacteria to build up and linger. Many people say it is fine to put coffee grounds into the grinder but actually, it is not. If you use coffee grounds on the grinder every time you dispose of garbage, it will clog the machinery making it more smelly and worse, broken.


Using wrong tools for cleaning


Why do you think professional cleaners use the correct tools and equipment every time they clean a house? It is to avoid damaging some parts and other areas of your home. Using the wrong tool can lead to permanent damages and instead of achieving an organized home, you will wreak havoc on it. Do not use heavy-duty equipment on plastic or ceramic materials.


When to get help?


Some of us do not consider housekeeping San Diego a fun task. It is tiring and time-consuming. But, if you want to achieve a clean and organized home, you need to consider these things so you can avoid making mistakes in the future. 


You do not have to do it all at once. Take one step at a time. One task at a time. If you are working or taking care of your family and you want to spend the remaining time of the day just resting, then it is fine. You can still achieve the tidy home that you want by getting maid services from a cleaning company.

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If you want to start getting services, you may consider hiring House Cleaning. They have the best professional cleaners that can help you achieve your goals and help you maintain and organize your home!