4 Warning Signs Poor Maintenance Truck Accident Lawyers Look For

Truck drivers log thousands of miles each year on busy highways, and while most remain safe operators, avoidable accidents still occur. As experienced truck accident attorneys know, some collisions stem from a lack of proper vehicle maintenance. 

Preventable hazards can arise when trucks aren’t maintained as they should be. Let’s look at four warning signs these lawyers watch out for, which may indicate poor truck maintenance was a factor in an accident. 

Recognizing these red flags could help victims determine if negligence played a role and whether to consult poor maintenance truck accident lawyers.

1. Poorly Maintained Brakes

Truck brakes that receive inadequate maintenance will inevitably lead to problems. Poorly maintained brake pads that are worn down, slipped brake discs, threadbare brake lines, or issues with the hydraulic system can all impair braking capability. 

When response times are reduced or stopping distances stretched longer than they should be, this sets the stage for an inability to prevent accidents. Drivers depend on fully functional brakes, so any issues in this critical system suggest routine maintenance was lacking.

2. Unroadworthy Tires

Tires that are worn, underinflated, or damaged destroy a truck’s ability to corner and brake safely. Truck accident attorneys know all too well how compromised tires frequently play a role in serious rollovers, jackknifing occurrences, or swerving incidents that harm others. 

These alarming situations often indicate negligent maintenance, allowing small problems to escalate into major safety defects without timely repair. Proper tire maintenance, including scheduled rotation and pressure checks, is essential.

3. Electrical Errors

Defective wiring, loose or corroded connections, or burned-out lights interfere with crucial truck functions and visibility – creating a recipe for disaster. When key components such as headlamps, marker lights, or turn signals unexpectedly malfunction due to neglected electrical systems, poor maintenance truck accident lawyers recognize this as a red flag.

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This puts everyone sharing the roadway at risk of avoidable harm. Consistent electrical inspections could prevent such hazards from emerging undetected.

4. Overlooked Oil and Fluid Problems

Accident attorneys have seen how fluid leaks and low fluid levels, though seemingly small problems, can seriously undermine safety. Issues like contaminated engine oil, insufficient power steering fluid levels, or brake fluid contamination commonly factor into accidents.

Carriers must perform routine fluid checks and timely maintenance to avoid risks like sudden loss of steering or stalling engine problems. 

Work with Poor Maintenance Truck Accident Lawyers to Pursue Legal Action

Accident victims working with seasoned lawyers have options if evidence proves poor truck upkeep contributed to their injuries. While no compensation negates trauma, such individuals deserve justice and accountability. 

With preventative truck servicing, many accidents might have been averted entirely. All drivers deserve to share the roads knowing other vehicles are fit for safe operation.

Wrapping Up

Experienced poor maintenance truck accident lawyers raise awareness of issues negligence leaves unaddressed. Victims would be wise to consult them if one of these red flags of shoddy maintenance appears linked to their crash. Only through diligence can the industry ensure every breakdown or issue gets fixed before incidents occur.