5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Console Trade In

Trading in used consoles can be an opportunity to declutter your house and make some money. Before selling, you can increase your component’s value and get more money in several ways. Whether an old CPU, PC, gaming console, or server RAM, you want the best deal for any component you trade. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of a console trade in:

Choose a Reliable Console Trading Platform

Compare different console trade-in platforms to choose one that can give the most money for your components. You can start by selecting a few platforms and checking their trade-in programs. Look at their trade-in values, payment methods, and additional benefits. A good trading platform should offer reasonable pricing for your consoles after inspection. It should also provide instant payments through your preferred payment option.

Some platforms will offer additional benefits such as free shipping, free shipping kits, and 100% insurance for shipped components. The platform should also accept all consoles, including CPUs, GPUs, gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, and SSDs. Choosing such a platform allows you to sell all old or broken components, declutter your house, and make money quickly.

Keep Your Components in Good Condition

Stored consoles can gather dust, wear out, or get damaged by water or rodents. Protecting them from leaks, dust, or other damage can help bring more money for you later. Disassemble them if possible and store them in bags, boxes, or plastic containers. Have the parts clearly labeled so you’ll know which components go to each console.

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Proper storage cushions your consoles from shocks while preventing leaks and wear. It keeps your devices in good condition for an extended period. A well-stored and maintained console means it has a higher resale value. You can also get the most out of a console trade in if you sell the component with its original packaging.

Request a Price Quote

Asking for a trade-in quote can help you make more money from your used consoles. You can request quotes from different platforms to choose the best deal. Most console trading platforms have a form where you enter information about your old components. They use this info to grade and provide a price quotation for your device.

An honest description means you’ll get an accurate price quote for your component. Describe all your consoles as they are, including their functionality and cosmetics. Missing essential details might result in different price quotes, usually lower than expected.

Include All the Parts and Components

Gathering all the parts and components of your devices can help you get more out of your console trade in. You can include all components the console came with when new. Having all accessories included and in good shape means a higher trade-in value. Pack all genuine parts such as controllers, power and AV cables, original boxes, and manuals. Some of these components, like manuals and packaging, might not be required but can improve the console’s value, leading to a higher price.

Clean Your Consoles

You’ll want to get all your consoles in order before packing and shipping them. Dust and clean all components to remove dirt, dust, debris, or gunk. Use clean cotton swabs or cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove accumulated dirt. You can also use a compressed air duster to clear loose dust and dirt. If the console’s surfaces appear rough or worn, apply some polish to make them smooth and shiny.

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If your consoles have moving parts, like controllers and disc drives, check if they’re still functional. Apply lube oil for consoles to the moving parts if necessary. Check if the buttons are still functional and remove any stuck debris preventing them from working as they should. Clean components are visually pleasing and have a higher resale value.

Get the Most Out of Your Console Trade In

If you have old or broken consoles, it’s time to sell them for a better resale value. A console trade in helps you sell each of your devices and make some money. It’s also an excellent way to avoid waste by selling instead of throwing your console out. Preparing your console for reselling can help you earn more money and give your buyer a better deal.