7 Best Creative Advertising Ideas for Impactful Campaigns

Strong ideas that stand out from the crowd are more important than a big budget in today’s crowded marketing world. [Research shows that creative advertising increases recognition, favorability, and the desire to buy almost twice as much.]

How can advertisers make ads that get people’s attention and make them want to buy something? 

For your next promotion, here are seven of the best mail advertising examples (for ideas). This time, we’ll look at brands whose ads were smart, creative, and emotional. 

  1. Make Emotional Connections

Strong emotional ties help get things done.  Studies have shown that we remember how we felt. Ads that make people feel something get shared more and get people to act more.  

Advertisements that are funny should make people feel something. It’s funny, sad, inspiring, and nostalgic messages that people like the most. Advertisements that make people feel something keep them coming back.  

In its “Friends Furever” ad, Google encourages people to make friends with interesting animals. Extraordinary 8 million YouTube views. The “Real Beauty” campaign by Dove encouraged people to love their bodies and be strong. There was a sincere and positive message that moved the women.

  1. Use Humor

Laughter is good for advertising, so use it professionally and persuasively with mailer marketing services that never fail. 

Research has shown that funny ads are better at getting people’s attention, improving the image of the company, making people like it, and getting people to share it on social media. 

People are moved to tears by funny ads. Surprising ads that are funny stand out because they are different. 

These companies are good at using humour:

  • Cavemen, lizard, and camel from Geico. Their odd sense of fun often gets people talking.
  • The strange and funny ads for Skittles that show how playful the company is.
  • Funny internet ads for Old Spice that feature the Old Spice Guy.

People like to share ads that are funny or surprising. It’s more possible that people will share physical and visual comedy than intellectual comedy. 

The biggest win is making an amusing ad that people want to share.

  1. Try Interactive or Experiential

Getting people involved in interactive ads makes them more interested. Technology is letting brands make experiences that feel real. 

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Some beauty brands may have virtual makeup try-on booths in malls. Visit to try on lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other cosmetics online and pick out your favourite. A marketing experience that goes beyond seeing an ad is made.

AR is another way to link the real and digital worlds. 

An AR viewer from a company that makes outdoor gear could be used by hikers to see information that is superimposed on the scenery. This shows what things are and how to make real-life experiences better.

  1. Get Visual

Pictures get your attention immediately regardless of what else is happening around you. Additionally, they aid in recalling significant details. 

For every word we read, our brains process 60,000 pictures faster. It takes three days for people to remember only 10% of what they hear and 65% of what they see.  

Here are the best ways to get picture ads to work:

  • Use images and pictures that are made by professionals and fit your business.
  • Boost the size and clarity of your pictures to make them stand out.
  • Having the same look in all of your ads helps people remember your business.
  • For perfect looks, text and free space should be balanced.
  • Come up with your own ways to make stock photos stand out.
  • Video-edit short, interesting movies for your business.
  • People can be interested in animated pictures.

People are more likely to focus on, understand, and share ads with pictures.

  1. Tell a Story 

Thoughts and feelings in real life are more likely to change when people are really into a story, according to the narrative transportation theory. Audiences are interested in and loyal to a brand because of its characters, story, and feelings.

Others have told stories about famous ads. A woman in Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad reminded people not to become too much alike. It shows if you want to get your brand’s message across and connect with people on an emotional level, use creative stories. 

Storytelling also works well for direct mail marketing. Truthfully, direct mail is a great way to tell stories. Mailings can help people remember the story behind your brand. That story will stick with them and make them love your brand.

  1. Use Influencers
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Working with the right influencers can help your brand reach new people and raise recognition. Influencers who like your product or service will tell their fans about it, which gives it more credibility than an ad.  

Find niche-focused leaders who believe the same things as your brand. Make clear what you expect in terms of pay, approval, and reports right away. Even if they’d rather get free stuff, big influences may need to be paid. Stay away from one-time relationships and get to know someone.

Influencers who talk about your product in their own words are a sign of a successful social media influencer strategy. Help them write about it in a normal way and often. 

They can also share reviews and how-to guides they make. Through their close relationship with followers, they turn attention into sales and trust.

  1. Be Purpose-Driven

Brand ideals should be in line with social, cultural, environmental, and political issues in order for purpose-driven marketing to work. 

Advertising can help people learn about or do something about issues that matter to your viewers. 

Before you follow a trend, make sure that the cause fits with your business. People are smart, and they can spot fakes.

Ads with a reason include the following:

  • Dove’s “Real Beauty” ad gives girls and women power. 
  • Nike’s work for social justice, equality, and acceptance.
  • The #OptOutside stores at REI will be closed on Black Friday.

You want to find a cause that fits with your brand. Make ads for your products that use the power of your business to make the world a better place. With purpose-driven marketing, you can connect with shoppers on an emotional level.


The best ads get people talking about important issues and keep them interested. In crowded markets, brands that take risks and are driven by personality do well.

Campaigns are more likely to work for brands that are always trying new things. Tests of creative ads in digital and direct mail let you see what works and focus on that.