Aeroflex Share Price: Date, Price, Subscription A Complete Reviews

Aeroflex Share Price

The Aeroflex share price clear the entry of Aeroflex share price Industries, a important manufacturer of metal supple movement solution products, into the public market. The IPO included a new issue and an offer for sale, total ₹351.00 crores. It unlocked for subscription on August 22, 2023, and closed on 24 August, 2023, with a price band of ₹102 to ₹108 per share. The smallest lot size was set at 130 shares, cooking to many saver categories including QIBs, NIIs, and marketing investors.

What is Aeroflex Share Price

Aeroflex share price is ₹123.20, feeling a failure of -3.56% from the earlier day. The stock needed a exchange day variety of ₹121.50 to ₹128.50. Over the past 52 weeks, the part price has varied between ₹108.00 and ₹196.35. The company market capital stands at ₹1,593 crores, with a PE ratio of 39.24, representing a estimate advanced than the sector regular. Investors must note that share prices are theme to market situations and can change.

Lot Size Of Aeroflex IPO

The Aeroflex share price IPO open a lot size of 130 shares, with the IPO value variety set between ₹102 to ₹108 per share. The IPO expected to increase ₹351 crores finished a new distribute and an bid for sale (OFS). The smallest savings amount for trade investors was set at ₹14,040, creation it nearby to a wide range of savers. The IPO was well usual, shiny strong saver confidence in Aeroflex IPO market possible and growth calculations.

Aeroflex IPO Reservation

The Aeroflex share price IPO involved a reservation of shares across different investor groups. Here a full breakdown:

Total Stocks Presented: 32,817,647 stocks.

Qualified Institutional Buyers: 6,276,490 stocks 19.13%.

Non-Institutional Investors: 4,932,353 stocks 15.03%.

Retail Individual Investors: 11,508,824 stocks 35.07%.

Anchor Investors: 9,599,980 stocks 29.25%.

In situation of oversubscription:

RIIS: 88,529 investors will accept a smallest of 130 stocks.

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Small NII (SNII): 843 investors will receive a smallest of 1,950 stocks.

Big NII (BNII): 1,686 investors will receive a smallest of 1,950 stocks.

The IPO designed to confirm a general created sharing to various categories of investors, attractive the stability and variety of the stockholder base.

Aeroflex IPO Objects of the Issue

The Aeroflex IPO expected to increase funds for several key objectives:

Repayment of Approvals: To completely or incompletely repay or prepay sure unpaid secured approvals availed by the company.

Working Capital: To fund the working capital requirements of the company.

General Corporate Purposes: To distribute a helping of the clear profits for general corporate purposes.

Mineral Achievements: To keep the option open for name lifeless achievements.

These objectives were planned to support the company financial situation and support its growth plan.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Bidding Detail

The Aeroflex share price was seen with an excited reply from savers, ensuing in a payment rate of 97.11 periods by the closing day on August 24, 2023. The letdown of the subscription status is as follows:

Qualified Institutional Buyers: Subscribed 194.73 times.

Non-Institutional Investors: Subscribed 126.13 times.

Retail Individual Investors: Subscribed 34.41 times.

The total number of requests received was 2,768,343, which was 31.27 times the shares open. This high level of attention from all groups of savers highlights the strong market confidence in Aeroflex Industries.

Aeroflex IPO Risks or Not?

Investment in Aeroflex share price IPO includes risks such as high exportation need, which topics the company to total market currency difference. 

  • The want of long-term agreements for 47% of raw physical imports could touch supply stability and cheap. 
  • A single business unit increases working trouble risks, and important working wealth wants may influence financial give. 
  • Also, support on rare material imports from China and possible changes in import callings could affect cost structures.
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Aeroflex IPO Subscription and List

The Aeroflex IPO was subscribed 97.11 periods overall, with the trade group subscribed 34.41 times, the QIB category 194.73 times, and the NII category 126.13 periods by the final day on August 24, 2023. The stocks stayed listed on the BSE and NSE on August 31, 2023, with the subject price set at ₹102 to ₹108 per share. For full subscription status and listing info, you can refer to the official exchange notices or financial update platforms.


Aeroflex share price go in the public market with an IPO worth ₹351.00 crores, open for subscription from August 22 to 24, 2023, at a price group of ₹102 to ₹108 per share. The company current share price is ₹123.20, with a stock price variety over the earlier year of ₹108.00 to ₹196.35 and a marketplace money of ₹1,593 crores. The IPO needed a lot size of 130 shares, appeal a change of savers including QIBs, NIIs, and trade investors. The IPO saw strong investor confidence, with a well Planned distribution plan across different investor groups to confirm a together owner base.

The Aeroflex IPO expected to advance funds for various resolutions, including paying supports, money working capital, general business needs, and possible purchases. The IPO usual strong interest from investors, with subscription rates of 194.73 times for QIBs, 126.13 times for NIIs, and 34.41 times for retail investors. Despite the risks related with high export demand and supply chain stability, the IPO was successfully listed on BSE and NSE. The shares were priced between ₹102 to ₹108 per share. For more details on the subscription status and listing, investors can refer to official exchange notices or financial platforms.

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