Are You Searching for Perfect Diamonds for Engagement Rings?

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. However, choosing the one that symbolizes and matches the personality of your partner is also important. A perfect engagement ring made with the right diamond style reflects your entire relationship with your partner. Thus, no matter if you need to buy pear cut lab diamonds or 4 carat Pear shaped diamonds, you can buy From Rare Carat now. 

There is a range of diamond options you can find on the market. But wait and have a look at the most popular and newest diamond types before making the right decision. You can now find out from 4ct princess cut diamonds to solitaire cushion cut diamonds. The Rare Carat team provides you with a range of options of diamonds that are emerging in the market. Read out further to explore the top 10 best Diamonds options in the market that you can buy from Rare Carat.

List of Diamond Options You Can Get At Rare Carat for Engagement Rings:

If you are looking to choose a perfect diamond from Rare Carat then first you need to know about the diamond shapes. You have to reveal the characteristics of each diamond found in the market. We have listed out 9 most popular and leading diamond choices you can find at Rare Carat online retailer.  

  1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

They are the most common but popular cut diamonds available in the market. You can find these diamonds everywhere, with multiple cuts and clarity options. They are classical and traditional diamond types that are best for all kinds of personalities. 

  1. Cushion Cut Diamonds:
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Are you looking to buy something unique and emerging? If yes then cushion cut is the best choice for you. They are considered as the leading and popular shapes which are adorned by a lot of people. They have a special appearance that gives a classy and stunning look.

  1. Princess Cut Diamonds:

If you like to wear trendy and feminine looking diamonds then choose princess cut diamonds. They have pointed corners and are found in angular and square shapes. Princess cut diamonds have a unique diamond setting which are worth buying including symmetry and chevrons. 

  1. Oval Cut Diamonds:

Unlike round diamonds, oval cut diamonds have slightly different but realistic shapes. They are best suitable for those who have long  hands and pointed figures with long nails. They look classy and fashionable which make your hands look stunning.

  1. Radiant Cut Diamonds:

Radiant-cut diamonds are made by combining princess-cut and emerald-cut diamonds. They are usually suitable for teenagers and kids who like to wear small-size rings. 

  1. Pear Cut Diamonds:

Pear cut diamonds are known and popular because of their wide look. They are thin diamonds that can be chosen by their length and width ratio. So if you like heavy diamonds, ultimately you will get bigger size pears cut rings from Rare Carat.

  1. Asscher Cut Diamonds:

These diamond cut types look similar to emerald cut but it has cut corners. Rather than this emerald have round or bended corners. Because of their edge cuts they look like octagon. Most people think they look similar to rectangles but asscher have more resemblances with emeralds. 

  1. Emerald Cut Diamonds:
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These diamonds have step-cut and elongated shapes. It also includes a linear straight facet that is arranged in parallel form. They are delicate diamonds; thus, to prevent damage, the Rare Carat team adds stability with cropped corners. 

  1. Heart Cut Diamonds:

Heart-shaped diamonds are the most adored diamonds on the market. They represent a symbol of romantic and pure love. They are best for you if you like to show commitment and empathy towards your partner on your engagement day.


Rare Carat is a leading online retailer of diamond Jewelry. They are a well-known and popular store you can find out online to buy your diamond Jewelry. They provide a warranty on every Jewelry piece they make, either by using traditional or lab-grown diamonds. You can also provide customization options for styling or diamond clarity and cuts to get your desired engagement ring. You can check out the process of making engagement rings at and choose the one that suits well with your partner’s personality!