Functional Requirements of a Breuer Cesca Bar Chair

When planning to open a bar or restaurant business, one of the most important aspects you consider is the seating arrangement. The establishment’s major décor largely depends on the seat’s positioning as well as appearance. 

Most proprietors design a very beautiful bar display, install warm thematic lights, then ends up messing up the whole theme by installing substandard chairs and stools.

Breuer Cesca chairs have been in the market for many years, making them the most preferred chair designs among residential and commercial settings. The dominance of the Breuer Cesca chair in the market raises a very important question: What separates install Breuer Cesca chairs from the park? 

This article is going to expound on the functional aspects of a Breuer Cesca chair, shedding light on why they could be the best solution for your bar seating arrangement.


The most important functional requirement of restaurant chair is strength. These chairs are frequently subjected to loading. The right chair for your restaurant should withstand a lot of activities and still maintain its structural integrity.

Breuer Cesca chair is quite strong. If you observe closely at the initial structural design of the original chair (note that the design and shape of the chair has not changed to date), you will observe that the loads are not transferred to the ground on four legs like in ordinary chairs. 

Generally, the Breuer Cesca chair has a curved base that is attached to the seat with a cantilever design, and its overhanging design is meant to create a shock absorption mechanism once a person sits on it.

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The frame of the Breuer Cesca chair is not made of solid metal, rather, it is made of tubular metal canes. 

The structural reason behind the use of tubular metal is that overhanging loads cause axial pressure on the bend of the frame, which, in solid metal, would cause the chair to fail if bent. The tubular metal absorbs the loads by stretching due to the hollow space at the centre.


The ideal client is usually tired, and is probably looking for a place to relax. Your bar seats should be very comfortable not to subject your customers to more strain and stress. You do not want a ‘strenuous moment’ thought to ring up in your customers’ minds every time they think of entering your bar.

The cantilever design of the Breuer Cesca chair makes the chair to adjust downwards when loaded (upon sitting on it), creating a soothing rocking motion. The height of bar chairs is adjusted in such a manner that your feet will rest on the chair rather than on the floor, and that all your body weight is carried by the chair.

The seat and the backrest are made of padded leather, which releases all the muscle tension and give you a feeling of relaxation. Additionally, the curved backrest curves with your back when you lean on it. 

The Breuer Cesca chair gives the customer a complete definition of comfort.


The Breuer Cesca chair has a very simplistic design that blends in with every kind of setting, whether commercial or residential. Therefore, when you are selecting the theme of your bar, the Breuer Cesca chair will be a viable seating solution since it conveniently adjusts to your theme of choice. All you have to do is change the colour of the chair, and viola! You have a customized chair.

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Needless to say, chairs and stools in a bar are subjected to regular loads of varying magnitudes. Therefore, the chair should be designed to withstand their strength for a significant period of time.

A Breuer Cesca chair is made of high-end quality products that not only guarantee comfort and aesthetics, but also great service for a long time.


The Breuer Cesca chair is very stylish. These seats features advanced engineering and art, accounting for the high acquisition costs. Therefore, if you are looking to attain a lavishing high-end theme in your bar setting, then investing in Breuer Cesca chairs is your ideal seating solution.