Hilarious Fake Pregnancy Ultrasound Prank Ideas to Try with Friends

Pranks are a time-venerated culture amongst friends, and pulling off an amazing prank can create reminiscences that ultimately last a life-time. 

If you are searching out a prank this is assured to get a huge chortle, why not attempt a faux pregnancy ultrasound prank? 

This prank is sure to seize your pals off shield and go away speechless. In this newsletter, we are able to explore some hilarious faux pregnancy ultrasound prank ideas that you could strive for along with your friends.

1. The Surprise Announcement

The first prank concept includes making a marvel being pregnant statement on your buddies. Start by amassing your buddies together for an informal get-together or a night meal. 

As the night time progresses, casually drop the bombshell news that you’re pregnant. Your buddies will probably be greatly surprised and excited for you. 

Then, whilst the moment is right, display that it changed into all a prank by means of displaying them a fake pregnancy ultrasound. The look of remedy on their faces could be priceless! 

 The second prank concept is best for folks that revel in a good scare. Plan a movie night time along with your friends and pick a suspenseful or horror movie to observe.

 As the movie reaches its climax, discreetly install a few hidden audio systems or a Bluetooth speaker outdoors the room. 

Just because the tension builds up on the display screen, play a loud, unexpected sound impact or scream from the speakers.

For a greater lighthearted prank, recall organizing a faux surprise celebration for one in all your buddies. 

2. The Fake Sonogram Picture

In this prank, you will want to create a fake sonogram photo that appears convincing. There are numerous websites and apps available that let you generate fake sonogram photographs. 

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Once you have got your fake sonogram photo geared up, display it for your pals and watch their reactions. 

You may even go the extra mile by pretending to be emotional and saying that that is the first time you are showing it to anybody. 

Take it slow to pick one which fits your desire and lets you personalize the details of the sonogram.

Once you have got decided on the correct platform, begin through getting into the vital records, including the mom’s call, the date of the sonogram, and any other applicable details. 

Some options even will let you choose the gender of the baby or upload a laugh function like a celeb’s face. 

After growing the faux sonogram image, it is time to collect your pals and display them your thrilling information. 

Navigate to this website that is made to produce realistic-looking ultrasound photos to create a likely fake sonogram photo.

When the moment feels right, deliver up the subject of the sonogram, appearing barely worried or emotional.

With a hint of excitement, announce that this is the primary time you are sharing the sonogram with anyone. 

Pay close interest in your friends’ reactions, as they will emerge as absolutely surprised or curious. 

3. The Doctor’s Appointment

This prank includes putting in a fake doctor’s appointment and welcoming your friends alongside for a guide. 

Start with the aid of telling your pals that you have a doctor’s appointment and that you’d respect their employer. 

On the day of the appointment, acquire your pals and head to the physician’s office. Make sure to behave anxious and irritated at some stage in the visit. 

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When the doctor asks for an ultrasound, pull out your fake pregnancy ultrasound and watch the confusion on your friends’ faces. This prank is certain to depart absolutely everyone guffawing. 

It involves putting in a fake health practitioner’s appointment and inviting your friends to sign up for you, making them think you want their assistance.

To start, casually mention to your friends that you have a medical doctor’s appointment coming up and that you’d appreciate their cooperation.

You could make it appear like a recurring test-up or something minor, so they won’t suspect something unusual.

4. The Unexpected Announcement

For this prank, you’ll need to plot a marvel amassing together with your pals. It can be a birthday celebration, a game night, or another event. When everybody is accumulated, announce that you have a vital announcement to make. 

Build up the suspense by pronouncing that it’s an existence-changing revelation. Then, screen your faux being pregnant and display the ultrasound. 

 For this prank, you may need to cautiously plan a wonder gathering together with your near friends.

Choose an occasion in an effort to deliver everybody together, be it a party, a sports night,  or any other occasion with a purpose to make certain their attendance. 

Once you’ve set the date and amassed your pals, it’s time to execute the prank. Begin by way of creating an ecosystem of anticipation and exhilaration.


Pranks may be a laugh manner to bond with pals and create reminiscences. If you are looking for a prank it really is guaranteed to get a large giggle, a faux being pregnant ultrasound prank is a brilliant preference. Whether you pick out to marvel your pals with a fake announcement, an over-the-pinnacle reaction, a fake sonogram photograph, a faux medical doctor’s appointment, or a surprising statement, the laughter and remedy that follow the monitor will make for a memorable experience.