How Can I Keep My HVAC System Running Smoothly While I’m at Home?

A well-functioning HVAC system can boost indoor comfort by keeping your home at a preferred temperature. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep your system functioning as it should. Seek professional air conditioning repair whenever there are issues with your unit to promote optimal performance. Here are additional tips to help keep your HVAC system running smoothly while you’re at home:

Take Care of Your Lawn 

Taking care of your lawn is necessary for your outdoor unit’s performance. Grass and leaves from the yard can get into your exhaust, blocking the flow of hot air from your house. Over time, this can cause undue stress to your unit, making it run hotter and increasing your utility bill. You can lower the risk of such debris entering your unit by mowing your lawn and raking all fallen leaves. 

Clear Out Your Ducts 

Your system’s ductwork is the passage through which air enters and leaves your home. Debris from the air, spider webs, and clumps of dust can accumulate in the ductwork if it’s not serviced regularly. This prevents optimal airflow and can be a fire hazard, making regular maintenance necessary. To clear out the ducts, remove your system’s register grilles and use a vacuum to clean as far as you can into the ductwork. Clean the register grilles as well before attaching them back to your system. If there’s a substantial blockage in your duct, call a professional. 

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Check Your Filters 

Your filters are a necessary component as they remove dirt and debris from the air before letting it into your home. Over time, filtered matter can accumulate on their surface, restricting proper airflow. This can impact your utility bill and prevent your unit from operating as it should. Check your filters for dirt and debris frequently. If you have permanent filters, use a hand vacuum and microfiber cloth to remove allergens. Call a professional HVAC contractor if you’re unsure how to clean the filters. For removable air filters, change them up every few months. Ask your air conditioning repair contractor to recommend how often to change the filters. They’ll likely assess your system and your environment to determine an appropriate interval. 

Clean Debris From Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit is exposed to dirt and debris from the outdoors. Accumulation of such matter can affect airflow and impact your HVAC’s performance. To prevent this, clean your unit regularly. Remove the fan grill to allow you to reach every corner of the unit. Attach your vacuum to a flexible hose attachment to reach as far as you can. Be sure to turn off the unit for optimal safety before you start cleaning. If you’ve never cleaned an outdoor unit before, hire a professional for effective cleaning to protect yourself and prevent damage to your system. 

Keep Your Outdoor Compressor in the Shade

The compressor helps control air temperature by raising and lowering the refrigerant temperature. Exposing it to too much sunlight can cause the refrigerant to evaporate quickly. Sunlight can also heat the compressor, causing it to break down more quickly and increasing the load on your air conditioning unit. To prevent this, ask your HVAC installer to position your compressor in a shaded area. If it’s already installed, build a shade around it to minimize its exposure. 

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Hire a Professional Air Conditioning Repair Contractor 

Regular HVAC maintenance is key to maintaining optimal performance. You can undertake some maintenance tasks on your own to keep everything running smoothly but also consider working with an air conditioning repair professional. They have a more in-depth understanding of how HVAC systems work, so they’ll know how best to maintain your unit. Hiring a professional can also protect you, your loved ones, and your unit, as they know which safety measures to implement.