How to Prevent Heat Loss and Keep Your Home Warm?

In the extreme cold, we are all looking for a warm and comfortable corner in our homes. Although winters are loved by many, still some households want to avoid them due to the unavailability of a heating system at home. 

In some cases, the reason might be due to the surging cost of energy bills. In recent times, the rising cost of energy bills in the UK has disturbed most households. People try to avoid using heating systems to control their budget. However, at some point, it is needed to keep oneself warm and cozy. 

High energy bills can be avoided by replacing or upgrading your boiler. The reason is that the new boilers are extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly. This means they are able to produce more heat with less fuel consumption. 

If you are a resident of the UK, own a home, and receive state benefits, you can apply for boiler grants free of cost. As a part of the ECO4 scheme, if you qualify, get your boiler replaced and enjoy a comfortable and warm winter. 

Once the new heating system is in place, you still need to take measures to prevent heat loss, lower the use of the heating system, and keep yourself warm. Here are some of the ways to do so. 

Dress Properly in the Home

Turning on your heating system is not a wise approach at times when the bills have surged. You can even stay warm without turning on your heating system by covering yourself in warm clothing. After your room’s temperature is comfortable enough, you can turn off the heating system and insulate your body with clothing.

The best hack to keep yourself warm is to wear socks. Especially if the floors turn cold, you can wear socks or slippers when moving around the house. Moreover, turn on the heating system when you feel the temperature is getting colder inside even after layering yourself up with clothing. 

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Use Stove for Cooking 

Energy bills are going to dent you heavily this winter. But you need to act smartly and avoid paying hefty bills. Use a stove or oven for cooking to make your home warmer and comfortable. Moreover, if your kitchen has a door, you can open it when the food is being baked or cooked. This way you can avoid using a heating system and get your room warm and comfortable without using more energy. 

Install a Smart Thermostat 

There is no better way to control the heating of your home than installing a smart thermostat. Instead of using an ordinary thermostat, you can use a smart one to control the heating of your home. It will allow you to monitor energy consumption, which will ultimately help you to utilize your heating system more wisely. 

Once you have installed a smart thermostat, throw off your worries as it will analyze the temperature and turn on or off automatically according to the requirements. Moreover, a smart thermostat can learn your preferences at different times of the day. It will also control the temperature according to the temperature outside. 

Eat and Drink Hot Beverages and Food

Winter is all about staying warm and that could be achieved better by drinking hot beverages like coffee and tea. Moreover, soup is also very effective in keeping your body warm and avoid turning on the heating system for long. 

Clean Vents and Radiators

One of the reasons your new heating system might not be performing well is due to the service needed for a long. It is advised by the experts to get your system checked by a professional on an annual basis. Normally, the best time to get it checked is before winter arrives. Replace air filters after every two months and feel more warmth during winter. 

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Moreover, if you have placed your furniture or any other item near heat vents or radiators, make sure to clear the space. It will allow proper heat flow throughout the space, resulting in a comfortable and warm environment

 Use Curtains to Cover the Windows

One of the reasons you are paying high energy bills is due to air passage in windows. If they are not covered properly, the cold air will come through it. Make sure to cover your windows with curtains and drapes to avoid heat loss and cold air from entering. 

The technique will work well, even if you have old windows. 

Insulate Your Home Properly

Keeping your home warm and comfortable without turning on the heating system is possible through proper insulation. If you have holes, gaps, or cracks in your walls and ceiling, you need to insulate your home to help stay heat within the room. Insulating your home properly will also allow the heating system to work efficiently and control energy bills. 

Humidify Your Home

A humidifier is not to heat up your home but will make the air feel slightly warmer. The vapors from the humidifier allow the air to hold heat more firmly. By increasing the thermostat, the humidity in the room will drop drastically. 

However, turning on the humidifier will keep the moisture in the room, helping you to increase the warmth in the room for a longer period. 

Summing Up

If you have never tried the aforementioned tips to heat your home and control your energy bills, make sure to give it a chance. Invest some time in devising a plan that would help you to keep your home warm and comfortable without losing too much of your hard-earned money.