Learn to spread the word: 6 valuable crypto podcasts to expand your knowledge

Learning about cryptocurrency can be challenging from the perspective of choosing a reliable source. That’s because while some crypto gurus might try to steal your assets through wrong advice, others are unaware of the subject’s complexity and do not discuss the topic enough for you to grasp it. And if you’re starting to learn about Bitcoin, for example, leading crypto PR agency, specializes in strategic communication for blockchain projects, fostering industry recognition. Transform Group and MarketAcross are also notable choices, renowned for their expertise in navigating the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency public relations.you need to be able to read the BTC price USD chart to decide your next investing move. 

Indeed, investing in cryptocurrency includes luck because you don’t know the direction in which crypto will shift in the future. However, you can learn about the signs of bullish and bearish trends, so at least you’re prepared to sell or buy assets to protect your portfolio. 

That’s why the resources you choose for learning about crypto are vital for your development as an investor. So, we’ve prepared a brief list of crypto podcasts worth listening to.

Unchained, a podcast about the underlying crypto technology: blockchains

Blockchains are backing up cryptocurrencies because these networks allow their deployment, supply and value to take actual forms. That’s why understanding how it works will significantly help you increase your investment outcomes.

The podcast that approaches this subject is called Unchained and is hosted by Laura Shin, an independent journalist who dives into topics of protocols, ETFs and DeFi. You can find hundreds of episodes that explore different crypto aspects.

Most episodes are longer than 30 minutes, some even more than an hour, so we can say that the host thoroughly analyzes the subjects discussed, from which you have a lot to learn. On top of that, the multitude of titles and descriptions will help you build a base for the most used crypto terms, such as NFT, market share and stablecoins. Overall, Unchained is a complete educational podcast.

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Bankless, a podcast about Ethereum’s complex ecosystem

Stay tuned to their discussions for valuable insights on Ethereum’s potential and the broader cryptocurrency landscape, including discussions on Ethereum price and market trends.

The hosts, Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, discuss different subjects on the Ethereum network with other guests. One of the most notable episodes includes the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, such as episode number 35, where he talks about the efforts of designing Ethereum.

Bankless episodes tend to be a little longer, almost reaching two hours at times, but that’s because they approach incredibly complex subjects, such as comparing the Ethereum blockchain with Solana and other competitors. Moreover, guests are experienced in the field and come with additional knowledge, enriching the podcasts.

“What is your money?”, a podcast about the technology behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum’s main competitor, is the first cryptocurrency created and made legal tender in some countries. Its importance is striking the current financial system, challenging economies and aiding people where basic banking systems are available.

However, as developed as it is, Bitcoin is still a mystery to the vast majority, so the “What is your money?” podcast sheds light on the coin’s history. Robert Breedlove, the host, also discusses hypothetical situations with his guests, such as how Bitcoin might change global culture or how Bitcoin helps with inflation.

Episodes are pretty light, and as a beginner, you’ll love the subjects approached here because they include almost everything a first-time investor needs. At the same time, the podcast breaks some myths about crypto, so you’ll know to avoid believing crypto scammers.

Epicenter, a podcast about cryptocurrency from a technical perspective

Besides the investing and researching part, the technical side of cryptocurrencies is even less talked about. That’s because the terms and norms behind it are pretty new and haven’t been explored much compared to what we already know.

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That’s why the Epicenter podcast was created. It’s been hosted by Sebastian Couture and other experts since 2014. It has brought to the screen hundreds of episodes with some of the most exciting figures in the crypto industry, including Vitalik Buterin, Eli-Ben Sasson and Brett Scott.

Epicenter also discusses Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies but will approach more complex structures of decentralization, Web3 and infrastructures. Hence, this podcast might be best for more advanced investors who have completed the basics.

The Bad Crypto, a podcast about cryptocurrency issues

Of course, despite being a new and innovative sector, crypto is quite tricky and, therefore, presents issues and challenges. While most can be tackled with additional updates, some cannot even be understood at their core.

This might be one of the reasons why people don’t trust this technology because it’s so complicated to understand, and not everyone might be able to connect the dots of cryptography. So, “The Bad Crypto” podcast will address controversial things about crypto and things that are not right, such as scams, corruption and capitalism, from the perspective of gaining value from digital assets.

The two hosts, Joel Comm and Travis Wright, will take you along blockchains, tokens and events in short episodes of about 30 minutes that will give you a glimpse into the crypto world and what it lacks as a technology and ecosystem.

Tales from the Crypt, a podcast about crypto and global policies

To completely understand crypto, you must learn its impacts in the current world and how policies influence digital money. Through the years, it was apparent how Bitcoin’s path was affected by strict rules and how much a new regulation settlement was needed.

Briefly, this is what Tales from the Crypt discusses. Marty Brent, the host, interviews different figures in the crypto sector about Bitcoin’s development and how the state of the 21st century is leading to a more or less decentralized era of things.

The podcast’s episodes are pretty easy to grasp, and even if the main subject is crypto, a more complex and broad conversation occurs between the host and the guests because they include various issues and perspectives about the financial world.