Shopping For Christmas Lights- A Guide For Beginners

Christmas lights are common in most homes, especially during the festive season. They add charm and warmth to the house, leaving that luxurious feel in your space.  These beautiful adornments come in a wide collection of colors, styles, and sizes, and choosing the best match can be confusing for new buyers. This doesn’t have to be so! You can acquire your lights with less hassle and enjoy a beautiful space in a unique way.

Here is a  shopping guide to ease your experience:

1. Have a detailed plan

List what you need and where you want to use it.  Remember, you can use Christmas lights in different parts of your home. You can hang them on your Christmas tree, on the ceiling,  on shelves,  outdoors, on the stairs, etc.

What style do you prefer? You can choose modern, classic, or showy look depending on your desired theme. With a detailed plan, it will be easier to choose what matches our needs. The team at the store can also help you in the selection.

2. Know the different types of lights available.

You will get tons of beautiful bulbs and christmas tree lights in the market. Having an idea of the different light styles will help with the selection.

These include;

  • Bulbs
  • Cords
  • Light strings
  • LED lights
  • Incandescent etc

Traditional incandescent lights are associated with cozy memories, but LED lights are preferred by many. They are energy efficient and are cool to touch. You will get them in various shapes, colors, and lens styles.

3. Set a budget

You want to adorn your space and make it stand out. But you also need to have limits and know what to acquire and for how much. This becomes easier with a detailed budget. List all you need, and have a cost estimate of the purchases. You can check the prices of different Christmas lights online and determine how much you need to spend. This helps avoid impulsive buying and saves time when shopping.

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4. Know what to avoid 

You want to avoid some mistakes when shopping. These can be guessing the measurements instead of meaning right. You need the right measurements to acquire what fits your requirements. Know the amount of lights required for your Christmas tree and other parts of the home. Measure from top to roof and outdooors accurately.

Another blunder to avoid is ordering samples when you are unsure of the color. You should be certain of the specifications and colors, and also shop from an accredited store.

5. Know the power requirements

LED and incandescent lights differ depending on the amount of power used.  Consider other appliances sn your home, such as lamps, electronics, etc., so as not to overload your circuit.  Search for information online about the choice of lights and the power requirements before shopping.


Shopping for Christmas lights can be exciting. You will come across a wide range of lights in different styles and colors, and not all will suit your space. Know the different types of lights, their maintenance, care, and energy usage. In case of doubts, speak to the team at the store for guidance.