Spiritual Spaces: Exploring the Best Home Mandir Design Ideas

Spiritual Spaces

The layout of a mandir might help us create a tranquil and religious environment at home. The essence of spirituality is brought forth in home mandir designs, whether they are traditional, modern, space-saving, or individualised. Let us investigate the importance of mandir architecture, which enriches our sacred spaces and encourages quiet reflection. The home mandir design of a mandir may include many different architectural and ornamental styles. Stunning architectural details like domes, pillars, and arches are hallmarks of traditional mandir architecture. These classic patterns provide a sense of history and importance to our houses.

Ideas for Adorning a Beautiful Mandir in Your Home

Make an addition to your home temple’s background. Use creative designs, like the ones seen below, that complement the subject matter and create an ideal atmosphere.

Glass Mandir

Glass may be used in your home temple plans. The glass mandir is airy and sophisticated. It refreshes the area and gives it a modern vibe. Colour the whole room with your choice of frosted glass, stained glass, mosaic, or textured glass. There are now more decorative alternatives for glass mandirs thanks to digital printing technology. Laser-etched glass with flower or foliage themes might be used for the puja unit’s rear panels.

Decorative plywood.

Plywood for mandir at home may range from plain plywood to plywood with two different colours or patterns. The best mandirs have domes or pyramids for their roofs. Plywood may also add elegant textures to the mandir and provide a fantastic background for the temple, making it one of the popular mandir ideas for the house. A trendy contemporary mandir may be made from plywood in any colour or pattern, including brown, cream, white, beige, or plain. Plywood home temple design for the house is a great option since the material is long-lasting and sturdy.

Jaali Mandir

The mandir area may be separated from the rest of the house by a jaali, a decorative screen. When properly illuminated, the intricate decorations on the jaali provide a stunning aesthetic to your home’s mandir décor. Designing the jaali with religious patterns and symbols would make it more attractive. Marble, MDF, wood, mild steel, acrylic, and brass are all suitable materials for mandir jaali or temple panels. Jaali screens may be painted to match the temple’s aesthetic and can be accessorised with bells and statues of deities. They let more natural light in, and they look nice too. Frames of the mandir may also be adorned with Jaali borders for added decoration and emphasis.

Tiled Mandir design

Positivity, tranquillity, and comfort may all be found in a home Mandir. A ceramic tile printed with light would provide a stunning backdrop for the idols. You may get tiles depicting Hindu deities like Ganesh and Shiva, as well as symbols like the swastika and the Om. This contemporary pooja unit has a ceramic surface that is both soothing and spiritually evocative. Tiles with rangoli patterns in bright colours are another option for those who want their space to seem like an Indian temple. Metal accessories and decorations in the temple would look great with gold or brass-toned tiles.

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Mandir illumination panel backlight

Create a house mandir with illuminating backlit panels. Select illuminated panels adorned with religious icons, flora, shlokas, or depictions of deities. To emphasise the play of light and illuminate the mandir, lights may be placed behind a transparent or lattice screen. Yellow ambient lighting may create a relaxing atmosphere. The photos and idols take on a mystical aura thanks to the glow of the lights behind the frame.

Corner design

A little temple may be set up in even the tiniest of spaces. Pick a little stair-like corner mandir with shelves to store your diyas and incense sticks. However, please make this area seem like a clean mess. Keep some sacred objects and everyday essentials to create a soothing atmosphere. If you don’t have the room for a dedicated pooja room, you may convert a section of your living room into a basic mandir. You may create a beautiful home temple by installing floating wall shelves and decorating them to honour your god. This Hindu temple design for the home will help increase the room’s good vibe. 

Inlaid Mandir motif on a cupboard

Depending on the available space, you may either convert an existing closet into a mandir or build a dedicated mandir closet. Mandir cabinets should be made of natural wood or plywood. Temples made of wood should fit in with the surroundings as well as any other wooden furnishings. Add little bells to the wooden doors, and go for shutters made of finely carved wooden panels. Emboss godlike images in metal to decorate the inside of the cabinet. A hall tv unit that doubles as a mandir is another novel concept. This style works well with compact dwellings.

South Indian inspired designs 

Intricate carvings and elaborately decorated frames are hallmarks of South Indian temple architecture. A replica mandir might be created in one’s residence. If you want to make your house feel more like a Hindu temple, you should decorate it according to Vastu principles. The gopuram, ornamental panels, and pillars are the focal points. Lord Ganesh is the focal point of a wooden temple in the South Indian style that also has carvings of the goddesses Saraswati and Lakshmi on each side. 

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Modern mandir designs for homes in southern India often include elephants. Use an elephant theme similar to that one while designing the foundation. Decorate it with brass statues and free-standing diyas to give your house a more sacred feel. Wooden mandir designs for homes with brass idols and standing diyas add beauty, much as in holy Hindu temples.

Household Meenakari and Oxidized Mandir

Choose a mandir with intricate meenakari work that will draw everyone’s attention. A mandir built of plywood and oxidised aluminium or copper yet manages to appear majestic. The temples’ gods, goddesses, and animal images are beautifully etched on decorative panels. Try to choose a beautiful temple with a pull-out plate for storing pooja goods and a drawer for keeping them out of sight when not in use. Copper-coloured kalash-like domes may be seen atop oxidised temples of varying sizes.

Mistakes to Avoid while Creating in a Space for Your Temple

When planning the décor for your own shrine, keep the following aspects in mind:

  1. Don’t paint your puja area in a dark colour, like black. They diminish the room’s apparent size and prevent good energy from freely flowing through it. Avoid using bright, dazzling colours like bright reds and fluorescents.
  2. Keep the idol off the ground. Put portraits, statues, or idols of the god on a raised platform or slab.
  3. Keep the mess from accumulating in the puja room. Take off any extraneous clothing or jewellery. These are dust magnets and mental distractions during quiet times of prayer and reflection.
  4. Do not embellish your home temple with plastic plants or flowers. The inclusion of a toran crafted from wood, fresh leaves, or other organic materials is highly recommended. The gods always appreciate offerings of fresh flowers. If they begin to wilt or wither, however, you must remove them.
  5. If the residence does not have a dedicated puja room, the owners may choose a special spot in a closet. Avoid fire hazards and let the incense smoke evaporate by choosing a well-ventilated area.


Hindu scriptures state that when one prays regularly to their household god, the deity’s energy increases in manifestation. Invest daily time in your temple, where you may commune with the Divine and reset your energy. If you have a beautiful home mandir design in your mind and are looking for the perfect interior designer for your home, you must book a free consultation with the experts at NoBroker.in! The interior decor experts patiently understand your requirements and work with you to create a beautiful mandir in your home! 

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