Steps To Take After A Nevada Hit-And-Run Bike Accident 

Even the most minor accidents can be disheartening to deal with. Nobody likes to deal with property damage. More than that, no one likes to be injured or be the cause of other people’s injuries. When a hit-and-run incident is added to the scenario, things can become even more messed up. It is important to know what steps to take to protect your rights. 

A hit-and-run bike accident is when a car, motorbike, or any other vehicle collides with a bicycle, causes an accident, and flees the accident scene without stopping to talk to the bicycle rider. This is illegal in Nevada, and the fleeing driver can suffer legal repercussions. If you were injured in a similar incident, contact a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney today. 

Things to do after a hit and run in Nevada. 

  1. Call for medical help. 

If you or your passenger is injured in the accident, seek medical help immediately. Getting immediate treatment and medical care is important for your health and well-being. Some symptoms show up late and cause problems, therefore visit your nearest clinic as soon as possible. Also, it would be helpful for your personal injury claim. 

  1. Contact the police or the highway patrol. 

The police will inspect the scene and make a report. The report will further help you in your personal injury claim. You can also share the report with the insurance company. The police are experts in finding the evidence. They can support your claim and help you find the person who hurt you. 

  1. Note identifying information about the at fault party. 
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If you are uninjured and are able to see the responsible party, make sure to take notes of the identifying features such as the color of the vehicle, the model, any unique feature or the number plate of the vehicle. This information may help the police to find the culprit. 

  1. Document the scene. 

If you are not severely injured at the accident scene and capable of documenting the scene, do it right away. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene and damage done to your vehicle. If you visited a hospital after the accident, keep the medical records. 

  1. Notify your insurance company. 

Notifying your insurance company is the most important thing to do. The agent will help you initiate the damage claim procedure. The insurance company will ask you for the police report, photo or video evidence and medical bills to determine the compensation you deserve.