Top Trending Games That Embrace the Katana Blade in 2023

Yo, fellow gamers! We’re entering virtual worlds where shining blades, trembling enemies, and adrenaline pump through the body as bloody as it would in real life. Let us explore top hits which combine the legendary symbol of Japanese Katana and the game!. 

Ghost of Tsushima (PS4, PS5):

Story: Imagination out that: Mongols conquering Feudal Japan, you are incredible Jin Sakai, a samurai with word-class ninja skill. Ghost of Tsushima hooks you with an epic tale of tradition clashing with necessity. The plot is as sharp as the katana you’ll be swinging.

Gameplay: This game ain’t just a hack-and-slash fest. It’s a dance of death with stances, parries, and epic duels. The katana is your (big-ass) best friend, and the choice of the open-world setting means that your roams over the island will equal to a real samurai warrior.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4, Xbox One, PC):

Story: The best here is the delivery of FromSoftware who bring you a crippled but gorified version of the Japanese Sengoku age. By playing you’re taken to a world of creatures, where you’re the “One-Armed Wolf” running on a blood trail for revenge. It is pitch black. It is devilishly mysterious. And among all else; it is profoundly captivating.

Gameplay: Leave behind button mashing, as only your sharpness is wanted in Sekiro. It doesn’t matter when, how or how hidden – you can be just a plain ninja. Being the katana on the field, “Kusabimaru” is your key to slice enemies with your special touch.

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Nioh 2 (PS4, PS5, PC):

Story: While the first edition of Nioh (mastermind of Team Ninja) was already enough of a fantasy game, the sequel has taken you even further back in time, to a fictitious Sengoku era. However, this games introduces a temptation – your character might be a half yokai warrior. The plot is a powerful rollercoaster where we can feel the extremely paranormal influence, equip battles, and energy discords.

Gameplay: Nioh 2 combines this excitedly challenging combat pace with an amazing battle system.The player is fully involved in the game. Katana in hand, you will be jumping and re-orienting your attacks to find the best execution, dodging, and in the end, unleashing your inner power. Play the part of a hero’s with a superb weapon and defend against against the bad army! Get ready and mixed your abilities!

Katana ZERO (Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC):

Story: Welcome to a neo-noir world where time manipulation meets katana chaos. Katana ZERO which is by Askiisoft team’s work follows up the story of a samurai who is on a mission to crack open a chain of events which has twisted the town. You will be confronted with deeds, trickery and this extremity of action as you get lost in battle with enemies.

Gameplay: Xian Army, from which they won their independence. With removing bullets lightning-fast, you’ll be moving the danced, which integrates a planning of attack and execute in one loop. Story evolves following your decisions that make the game even more thrilling and in fact, this is the case when you play repetitively.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC):

Story: Raiden now becomes the main character of this fast-driven Metal Gear universe installment.Set in a future where technology and warfare collide, Metal Gear Rising: The Revenger appears, counterbalancing a story that balances political plot, new high tech weapons, and the search for a personal identity.

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Gameplay: Organize yourselves to the blood-thirst and the sparks flying activity onboard! Raiden now struggles for the High-Frequency Blade, a katana with the high technology that underlies enables for accurate cutting and chopping. “Zan-Datsu” is a Zan-saku that penetrates everything, whether it is opponents or obstacles. A precision cut enables you to accomplish this task with surgical precision. It’s an adrenaline filled experience that is exhilarating and will truly test the stylized quick reflexes of any driver out there.


Here it is, gamers, katana is back, just like before, but this time round it takes the sharp edge off. Be it traveling to late 13th century Japan in Ghost of Tsushima, or improving Ninja Arts in Sekiro, or even embracing Daito the nameless protagonist’s katana in Nioh 2; these games are the cover of a cover of a katana lover’s dream. Are you all geared up for some of the most wild hacking and slashing ever seen in a virtual fight? All the gloryis now in katana revolution!