Watching the NFL on your smartphone

You can feel the excitement and tension among sports fans as we head into the brand-new and unpredictable National Football League campaign. The NFL ranks among the world’s best-loved and wealthiest sports competitions on the planet, and with the arrival of the leading bookmakers, things are about to get even more enjoyable. Fans can now make Vegas bets online using their Android or iOS smartphones, gambling from home or on the move.

How will online bookmakers impact the NFL, and what changes will the average fan notice while following the games? That remains unclear, but with the Super Bowl played in Nevada, the spiritual home of gambling in the US, we expect glitz and glamor. Significant bookmakers offer generous odds and intriguing markets on the regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl, allowing fans to act early, making predictions and betting. But which team will blaze a trail of glory to the final? While the league emphasizes sportsmanship, it also understands fans’ excitement for significant events, prompting many to find out Super Bowl ticket prices in anticipation of a clash between the best teams.

It’s never too early to pick your team and publish predictions. You can select one of the gambling favorites or shoot for an underdog with better odds attached. But you don’t need to gamble to enjoy the season. A wager means you’re financially involved in the results, adding an extra layer of excitement 7m

Enjoy the benefits

Not every fan plans to bet on the season, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the many benefits offered by bookies’ involvement in the NFL. The industry’s top names from Las Vegas to London provide many benefits to football fans, both bettors and non-bettors. Use the odds, specials, and welcome bonus free bets to gamble on the games or the predictions, previews, and stats to enhance your viewing. Not every football fan who uses gambling apps places bets.

Some of the best-performing online bookies offer all customers free access to their live-streaming of the top sports fixtures, including the NFL. They feature in our article on watching football for free this season using only your smartphone. Live-streaming has changed how we watch our favorite teams in action, meaning you’ll always have a chance to cheer your side to victory. You’d likely miss out if a game is live on TV, but you’re at work or have other commitments. But that’s no longer true, thanks to modern and user-friendly apps.

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Live streams have changed since the pandemic, with smartphones giving users HD-quality coverage with expert commentary, previews, reviews, in-play betting, stats, predictions, and more. In short, there’s everything you need to watch the next big game from the NFL season at your fingertips. Cut the ropes binding you to your home or a sports bar and take the coverage on your daily rounds. Watch from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection or data.

Fans can now make Vegas bets online using their Android or iOS smartphones, gambling from home or on the move.

Finding the best

You must create an account whether you watch the NFL on a live stream provided by sportsbooks or on a TV broadcaster’s app. Anyone can browse the provider’s website or app, gaining information and comparing the platforms. But to watch a game on the live stream, you require an active account with login details. Thankfully, registering takes just a few moments, and you can join as many live-streaming providers as you wish, ensuring you get the best coverage.

Browse the top providers and read reviews on the latest additions to the market. We advise writing down the best apps you find and filtering from there until you have one app best suited to you or a small collection of worthwhile providers. The leading providers offer bonuses and specials to tempt you to join them over the competition, and they are worth considering. But please don’t jump at the first shiny deal or bonus, as you may feel short-changed. 

When you notice a promo you love, read the terms and conditions to get the complete picture. The more you know about an offer and understand the app, the greater your chances of landing success. The less research, the more chance bonuses and false promises lure you in. There are some incredible live-streaming apps available, with more great providers joining the fold all the time, but a few apps are, at best, poor or illegal.

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When you have found the app that offers the best NFL live-streaming, it’s time to create an account. You can register using your smartphone or laptop, which takes just a few minutes. When you create an account, you’ll choose a username and password, and these details will grant you access to your profile in the future. Choose login details memorable to you but not obvious enough they could be guessed or hacked.

Follow the steps below to register an account, access the live-streaming tab, and grab a welcome bonus. The steps work on Android or iOS devices as well as websites.

  1. Visit the homepage of your chosen provider and click Join.
  2. Complete the registration form, providing your details.
  3. Decide on a username and password.
  4. Add a bonus code if necessary.
  5. Your information is quickly checked and approved.

You can now access your account and watch live NFL and sports anywhere and anytime. The coverage is as good as you’d hope to find, and the camera angles bring you closer to the action than ever before. Live-streaming coverage is more in-depth than TV broadcasting.


You’ve found a bookie, created an account, and now want to watch tonight’s live game while working late. You would’ve missed the TV coverage and had to watch highlights online later in the evening before discovering the merits of live-streaming. But with your account live and the app on your phone, you’re ready.

Log in with your username and password, click on the live-streaming app at the top of the page, and browse today’s schedule. Sort by sport or time and select the game that catches your eye. Click on the live stream link at the advertised start time, and the coverage begins.

The live stream page includes coverage of the game, live scores from across the country, updated league standings, in-play betting odds, game stats, and more. Enjoy the show.