What Services Do Rehab Centers Offer?

When faced with addiction, you may find assistance within the supportive environment of rehabilitation centers. These facilities aid individuals in overcoming substance dependence and reclaiming control over their lives. Orlando rehab centers offer a spectrum of services to meet the diverse needs of individuals on their journey to recovery. Here are a few services offered by rehab centers:

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are robust services for those requiring consistent medical supervision and structured therapy without around-the-clock hospitalization. Patients engaged in PHPs spend several hours each day at the rehab center, typically five to seven days a week. During their stay, they benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan. The plan often includes individual counseling, group therapy, and other therapeutic activities. PHPs balance intensive care with the flexibility of returning home at night. This makes it ideal for those with supportive home environments. PHPs help individuals continue their treatment and recovery journey while returning to their daily activities. 

Intensive Outpatient Service

Intensive outpatient care is a practical choice for someone who needs more support but does not require 24-hour care. It addresses a person’s unique needs while allowing them to continue with their daily duties and responsibilities. An intensive outpatient program offers therapy sessions several times per week. The sessions can be scheduled around the patient’s responsibilities, like work or school. Intensive patient care focuses on peer support, behavioral therapy, and skill-building. 

Residential Treatment Service

Residential treatment or intensive treatment involves residing in a rehab facility for an extended time to receive comprehensive and intensive care. They provide a secure space for recovery and offer various services to address the complex needs of their patients. Clients reside full-time within the facility, which provides a respite from triggers and daily life stressors that may impede recovery. The support extends beyond clinical intervention. Rehab centers also offer 24-hour medical assistance and a full schedule of therapeutic programs. These programs help foster long-term recovery.

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Treatment Approaches

An Orlando rehab center focuses on various treatment approaches to facilitate your recovery journey. A few of these methods include:

Evidence-based Therapies

Evidence-based therapies include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), accelerated resolution therapy (ART), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). These scientifically backed modalities target the underlying issues of addiction. ART helps in resolving trauma-related problems that can contribute to substance use problems. CBT focuses on the connection between feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It aims to assist individuals in changing their negative behavior and thought patterns contributing to emotional distress. By addressing these root causes, therapists guide patients through rewiring thought patterns and developing coping strategies.

Holistic Treatment

Rehab centers often offer holistic treatment options that focus on healing the whole person rather than just treating symptoms of addiction. They recognize that every person’s needs are unique and different from others. This treatment may include alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, or adventure-based therapies such as hiking or rock climbing. They address the underlying cause of substance abuse, helping to minimize the risk of relapse and promote a balanced and fulfilled life. 

Aftercare Programs

Ongoing support is key for maintaining sobriety long-term. Most rehab centers provide aftercare programs like sober living homes or outpatient counseling services. These programs help individuals transition back into everyday life while staying accountable for their sobriety.

Visit an Orlando Rehab Center Today

Rehabilitation centers offer resources for those combating addiction, providing tailored programs that cater to the varying needs and stages of a patient’s recovery. Orlando rehab centers can facilitate your recovery by extending services ranging from intensive residential care to flexible outpatient options and embracing evidence-based therapies, holistic treatment, and aftercare. To find out more about these services that best suit your recovery path, search for a credible rehabilitation center today.

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