A Guide to Planning an Outdoor Summer Party in Australia

The great Australian summer is finally here and this is a great time for outdoor parties, as we see Xmas and New Year. Which is the best summer holiday possible! Who needs snow when you have pristine beaches and fantastic parks? If you are planning a get-together in your garden, here are a few important aspects to consider.

Marquee tent hire

If you have a nice grassed area that can accommodate a decent size marquee, you have the perfect setting for an all day bash! The supplier erects the tent and removes it the following day, leaving you with nothing to do but clear up. They have a range of shapes and sizes and even have coverings for pathways to give guests a complete shading, perfect for day events.

Think innovative vendors

The entertainment sector is diverse; aside from live music, you could contact No Filter Photo Booths in Sydney, a company with a fantastic product and they take good care of you and your guests. How about axe throwing? There are outfits that will arrive with their arena and guests can learn the art of axe throwing, mixed with copious amounts of alcohol, what could possibly go wrong? Bouncy castles are great fun for the kids, if you have the space, that is. Google can introduce you to unlimited party games/features and your guests won’t forget your gig! Click here to find out about party bubble guns.


The days when you could set up a tent, open a bar and blast out the music are long gone; your local State website will tell you what you need to know about hosting live events and apply for what you need. Loud music can be an issue, as can partying in the early hours, so consider how your party is likely to develop. If you need to shut down the music at 2am, so be it!

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If you have a state-of-the-art BBQ and outdoor kitchen, you are good to go; otherwise, you can call in an outside caterer who can also provide bar facilities. It all depends on the scope of the party and your budget. Hire a restroom that can be parked in the right spot and your bathrooms can be out of bounds.

Hire a venue

If putting up a tent and all the rest is too much for your home setting, consider hiring a party venue, where everything you need is on tap! How about a party boat in Sydney Harbour? Make sure you book well in advance as floating parties are very popular, especially in the summer. Hunter Valley has some epic party venues, with resorts that are set up for events, browse the web for more details; include rooms and everyone can go home after a hearty breakfast the next morning.


It is easy to overspend when planning an outdoor party; set yourself a budget and stick to it. If guests have to buy their own drinks, it isn’t the end of the world; many parties have an alcohol budget and when that is reached, everyone buys their drinks.

If you are planning a themed event, make sure you inform your guests and give them enough time to prepare accordingly. Planning an event is the key to success and make sure you have rain covered in the list of potential party downers.

We hope your party is a memorable event for all the right reasons.