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Locating a CVS Near Me : A Comprehensive Guide To CVS Hours and Locations 

Originally known as CVS Corporation and CVS Caremark Corporation, CVS Health Corporation is an American healthcare organization that manages CVS Pharmacy. It interacts with well-known companies including insurance provider Atena and acts as a retailer of pharmaceutical items, such as CVS Near Me stores. Its current headquarters are located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and it is widely regarded as a top healthcare organization. Continue reading this essay to find out more about this industry titan in healthcare.

History of CVS:

CVS, originally named Consumer Value Stores, was established in 1963 by a trio of partners: the Goldstein brothers, Stanley and Sidney, along with Ralph Hoagland. Their venture took root in Lowell, Massachusetts, stemming from their parent company, Mark Steven, Inc., which specialized in assisting retailers in managing their health and beauty product lines. CVS commenced its journey as a chain of stores focused on health and beauty products and eventually integrated pharmacies into its offerings. Remarkably, within just two years of its inception, the company successfully launched 17 stores.

In pursuit of expansion, CVS entered into a strategic partnership with the Melville Corporation, a conglomerate overseeing diverse retail endeavors. As the 1980s and 1990s unfolded, CVS Corporation experienced significant growth, leading to its separation from Melville in 1996. This pivotal move transformed CVS into an independent entity listed on the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the name CVS. In December 2017, CVS initiated a historic agreement to acquire Aetna for a staggering $69 billion, ultimately finalizing the acquisition in November 2018. The intricate legal aspects associated with this merger were resolved by September 2019.

By February 2020, the number of directors on CVS Health’s board had decreased from 16 to 13. This was the result of strategic adjustments the company had made. Unusually, CVS Health had a banner year in 2021, earning them a spot on the Fortune 500 list at number four and the Fortune Global 500 list at number seven.

However, CVS Near Me Health made a significant change to their strategy. On November 18, 2021, CVS Health announced that it will be shutting 900 shops over the following three years, starting in the spring of 2022. A federal jury determined that Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS all had substantial roles in the opioid crisis in the same month.

Subsidiaries and Assets Overview

CVS Health Corporation is a prominent player in the healthcare industry, with a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries and assets across the United States. These entities include:


  • The MinuteClinic network, which has more than 1,100 sites spread across 33 states and the District of Columbia, is the biggest walk-in clinic network in the US.
  • More than 50% of Americans have access to healthcare services within a 10-mile radius of a CVS Minute Clinic Near Me because to this wide network.

CVS Caremark:

  • CVS Caremark specializes in comprehensive prescription benefit management services, encompassing various offerings like mail order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, infusion services, plan design and administration, formulary management, and claims processing.
  • Its clientele primarily includes employers, insurance companies, unions, government employee groups, health plans, Managed Medicaid plans, and other health benefit plan sponsors, overseeing prescriptions for over 75 million plan members.
  • CVS Caremark collaborates with five mail order pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, and a vast national network comprising more than 68,000 retail pharmacies, encompassing both chain and independent pharmacies.

CVS Specialty:

  • CVS Specialty is dedicated to delivering specialized pharmacy services tailored to individuals dealing with chronic or genetic diseases requiring complex and costly drug therapies.
  • With a network of 24hr CVS Near Me retail specialty pharmacy stores and 11 specialty mail order pharmacies, CVS Near Me Specialty has established itself as the largest specialty pharmacy in the United States.

Longs Drugs:

  • Longs Drugs is a retail pharmacy chain operating approximately 40 drug stores, primarily located throughout Hawaii.
  • Acquired by CVS Near Me Health in October 2008, Longs Drugs continues to operate under its distinct brand, contributing to CVS Health’s diversified healthcare presence.
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CVS Health Corporation’s subsidiaries and assets collectively contribute to its substantial influence and impact within the healthcare industry across the United States.

Discovering the Closest CVS 24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me:

Are you now looking for the 24 hour cvs near me that is the nearest to you? Don’t search elsewhere because we got you covered! Here are a few fast ways to find it:

  • Go to that page on the official CVS website to use the store finder. You may instantly browse a list of the local CVS Near Me pharmacies that are open 24hr cvs near me by entering your zip code or region.
  • Download the CVS Near Me mobile app, which works with both Android and iOS devices, if you prefer using your smartphone. You may manage your prescriptions, order picture prints, access offers, and find the closest 24hr cvs near me with the use of this app..
  • Google Maps or Other Navigation Apps: For those on the move who don’t want to use a website or app, simply launch Google Maps or your preferred navigation app and search for “CVS Hours Near Me” You’ll instantly receive results displaying the nearest CVS stores and their respective operating CVS Hours Near Me.

What Exactly Do We Mean by “Operating Hours”?

Different CVS Hours Near Me may be in effect depending on the specific day of the week and the location of the CVS 24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me.

  • The majority of CVS 24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me locations normally open at 8:00 AM and shut at 9:00 PM on weekdays (Monday through Friday).
  • Sunday and Saturday are the weekends. My neighborhood’s CVS Pharmacy stores frequently open a bit later than usual at 9:00 AM and close a little earlier than usual at 9:00 PM.

Explore the Offerings at CVS

Explore the Offerings at CVS

Now that you’ve learned how to locate a 24hr cvs near me, let’s delve into the wide array of services and products awaiting you:

  • Prescription Services: CVS Pharmacy near me is renowned for its extensive prescription services. You can quickly fill your prescriptions, and for added convenience, they offer services like home delivery and automatic refills.
  • Over-the-Counter Choices: If you have any health concerns, peruse our selection of over-the-counter medications. Your nearest CVS Pharmacy Near Me is open 24hr cvs near me, providing various services such as pain relievers, CVS TB tests,  COVID Testing CVS Near me with flexible CVS Hours Near Me , and antiviral medications.
  • Health and Beauty Products: Whether you want to enhance your beauty routine or stock up on essential medical supplies, CVS near me 24 hour cvs near me offers a range of skincare, cosmetics, vitamins, and other essentials.
  • Essential Groceries: In addition to being a pharmacy, CVS near me 24 hours is an excellent place to shop for groceries, beverages, and snacks. From milk to cereal to quick meals, CVS has you covered.
  • Photo Printing: Preserve your cherished memories by printing your photos at CVS near me 24 hours. 

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Is COVID-19 Testing Available at a CVS Pharmacy Near Me?

CVS Pharmacy near me is actively offering COVID-19 testing services to the public. To stay updated on the availability and CVS Hours Near Me of COVID-19 testing at CVS Pharmacy locations, please follow these steps:

  • Check out the official website: Visit the official CVS Pharmacy website at Look for details on COVID-19 testing alternatives in your area, such as the kinds of exams provided, their accessibility, and how to make an appointment.
  • Utilize the CVS Pharmacy App: If you have the CVS Pharmacy mobile app, you can use it to find details about COVID-19 testing near you. The app may provide information about testing sites, available test types, and appointment scheduling options.
  • Message CVS Customer Service here: For additional information on the COVID-19 testing procedure and the current testing availability near you, get in touch with CVS Pharmacy’s customer service. They’ll provide you with the most recent information available.
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Additional Benefits of CVS:

CVS offers more than just pharmacy and convenience store services; they provide a range of exceptional programs and services designed to simplify your life:

  • ExtraCare Rewards Program: Join the ExtraCare Rewards Program to accumulate discounts and rewards on your purchases. This membership provides you with personalized coupons, exclusive offers, and cashback rewards tailored to your preferences.
  • CVS Minute Clinic Near Me Locator: Discover nearby CVS Minute Clinics where you can access essential healthcare services such as vaccinations, screenings, and treatment for minor illnesses. It’s like having a miniature healthcare facility conveniently located in your area.
  • Online Shopping: Experience the convenience of online shopping with CVS, including home delivery options. Whether you need everyday essentials or medication refills, you can order everything you require from the comfort of your own home.

To Find a CVS Store Offering CVS TB Testing near your Location, Simply Follow These Steps: 

  • Online Search: Open your preferred web browser and enter “CVS TB test near me” into the search bar.
  • Search Results: The search results will display a list of CVS locations that offer cvs tb test near me. Typically, you can locate the addresses, phone numbers, and links to certain CVS shops.
  • Official CVS website: To view the official CVS website, go to Enter your city or zip code into the shop finder. Then, to narrow your search and identify CVS stores providing CVS TB testing, choose “CVS TB Testing Near Me” or “CVS Minute Clinic Services Near Me.”

Exploring CVS Store Aisles: Discover the Wonders that Await You:

Join us for a journey through the CVS store aisles, where we’ll delve into the exciting treasures waiting to be uncovered:

  • Home Essentials

CVS is your go-to shop for essential household goods in addition to being your first pick for health and beauty items. Look into a range of essentials, such as paper towels and cleaning supplies, to maintain your home tidy and odor-free. 

  • Seasonal Festivities

CVS is an expert at embracing each season. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day chocolates, Halloween candy, or Christmas decorations, we have a huge variety of seasonal goodies and festive décor to celebrate every event. 

  • Parenthood Support

For parents, the CVS is a lifeline. Make sure you have everything you need to take care of your infant by perusing our enormous collection of baby care supplies, which includes diapers, formula, baby shampoo, and wipes. 

  • Greetings and Thoughtful Gifts

Don’t overlook CVS’s expansive assortment of greeting cards! We offer an astonishing variety of cards for every imaginable occasion. Additionally, discover meaningful last-minute, on-the-go gift options like candles, toys, and gift sets. 

  • Tech Gadgets and Electronics

Surprisingly, CVS boasts a dedicated section for gadgets and electronic accessories. Easily find headphones, chargers, and other digital must-haves to meet your tech needs while picking up your prescriptions.


Is COVID Testing CVS Near Me Available?

Yes, CVS Pharmacy does provide COVID-19 testing services. To find out about  COVID Testing CVS Near me availability at a CVS near you, you can visit the official CVS website, download the CVS Pharmacy mobile app, or contact CVS customer service for the latest information on testing procedures and availability.

What additional benefits does CVS offer its customers?

CVS offers several additional advantages, such as the ExtraCare Rewards Program, CVS Minute Clinics for healthcare services, and the convenience of online shopping for essential items and prescription refills.

What can I expect to discover in CVS store aisles beyond health and beauty products?

Apart from health and beauty products, CVS stocks home essentials, seasonal goods, baby care items, greeting cards, thoughtful gifts, and even a section dedicated to tech gadgets and electronic accessories.

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