The Opulent Charm of Raw Silk Chikankari Kurtas: A Textural Delight

In the world of the fashion industry, ethnic have been making the same noise as compared to Western fashion. In the world of ethnicity, in the women segment, kurtas have been in demand in recent times, especially the raw silk chikankari kurta. This is because such Chikankari Kurtas are specifically embroidered by skilled and talented artisans, hence contributing to the needed elegance to the whole of the raw silk chikankari kurta.

Features of Raw Silk Chikankari Kurta

The artisan craftsman who is involved in the creation of this silk chikankari kurta is something special of its own. Artisans dedicate their time and patience to the design of the finest chikankari kurta that is available in the market. 

With the selection of raw silk chikankari kurta from House of Chikankari, you end up creating a wardrobe that delivers a solid fashion statement catering to every event, occasion, and season. Almost every other person has one or two silk Chikankari Kurta in their wardrobe for all the right reasons. 

Some of the key features that come with raw silk Chikankari Kurta are mentioned below and thoroughly discussed:

1. Raw Silk

Raw silk is termed to be one of the most breathable fabrics to have ever existed in the clothing segment. In simple words, it can be simply said that it will significantly contribute to preventing you from overheating. To be very specific, the raw silk fabric is formed from silk yarns that don’t undergo any kind of regular debugging process so that imperfections can be preserved in such a way that they cater to the unique design of your kurta.

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2. The Chikankari design

The Chikankari design concept was born in the Mughal Empire and has been continuing ever since. The Chikankari design originated from India’s Lucknow. The Chikankari art is mainly an amalgamation of unique, intricate white thread on fabrics. Some of the details that you may find in Chikankari Kurta are motifs, geometric patterns, floral arrangements, and such.

3. Charm

Silk has its kind of richness, and when it comes together with Chikankari, it creates a whole aura of newness and charm around it. It can make such an eye-catching contrast that you will appear unique wherever you go styling the kurta. 

Although the kurta are best suited for very special occasions, they efficiently deliver a unique and royal look that makes it hard to replicate in other fabrics, which ultimately is a good thing since then, there will hardly be any dupe of the raw silk chikankari kurta you are wearing.

4. Design Versatility 

One of the many primary features of the kurta is the variety of designs it is available in. Besides this, they can be customised as per the event that you are planning to attend. For instance, if you have a formal event to attend, you can style the kurta with something of a blazer or go for a solid chikankari kurta, and in case of a casual event, you can just pair your kurta with shoes or a standard slippers with a pair of oxidised earrings. You are all set to Ace the boho look. You can also style this kurta according to many other occasions concerning the event.

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5. Comfortable and Longevity

Not just for their appealing design, raw chikankari kurtas are also known for the excellent durability and comfort they provide. The kurtas are constructed from breathable fabric that makes it easy for you to move around. 

Furthermore, you can quickly wear this irrespective of what the season is because of its rigid quality. This means that when you invest in buying a raw silk chikankari kurta, you are making a long-term investment.

Wrapping Up!

In the fashion industry, raw silk Chikankari Kurta has been in fashion for a very long period. The uniqueness, Versatility, and charm they carry is something very different. Irrespective of whether you have a wedding to attend or a hangout plan with your friends, the raw silk Chikankari Kurta is always at your rescue, giving you the needed grace and beauty for you to attend the occasion. 

Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about the charm that the raw chikankari kurtas carry with them. To solve your dilemma to find the most authentic chikankari attire, we suggest you check out the House of Chikankari.